Relocating to Surprise

Moving to Surprise from out of state or from another city in Arizona? Whether you’re relocating to Surprise for personal or professional reasons, a relocation specialist can get you a great head start on your move! That’s because a relocation specialist is so much more than a Realtor!

What Is a Relocation Specialist?

As a City of Surprise Relocation Specialist, I’ll help streamline your move to Surprise—everything from choosing and buying a new home, to scheduling movers, hotels, and even arranging a rental property if you’re waiting on a new build. While many of my clients come from California and Utah, many also come from cities near Surprise, such as Peoria and Glendale. Wherever you’re moving from, I’ll make the most of your time looking at properties, and I’ll handle the local details so you can concentrate on your big move.


“We relocated from California and were referred to Nicole by a family member. She spent the entire weekend showing us house after house since we had to fly back Sunday. We were going to settle on a house my wife and I really weren’t in love with, but Nicole kept checking the MLS from her phone. She kept checking and kept checking, and even though we were going to write an offer on a house, she said, ‘Let’s just go see one more. It’ll be quick.’ Sure enough it was the perfect house—everything we were looking for! She didn’t have to go out of her way to find us anything else, but she did. She is just stellar and I would recommend her to anyone.” ~Alex G.

How Can a Relocation Specialist Make Your Move Easier?

Moving is stressful. With me as your City of Surprise Relocation Specialist, I’ll do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Remember, I have 10 years of experience living and working in the city! Here’s how we’ll work together:

  • First, we’ll talk about your preferences: education, shopping, religious considerations, community amenities, housing budget, potential commute, and more. This will help me match you with neighborhoods that meet your family’s unique needs.
  • Next, I’ll use my knowledge of the Surprise real estate market to create a custom portfolio of homes that meet your family’s needs. We’ll work together to find your dream home, within your budget and the time you have to find it.
  • When we work together, you become a friend, so I’ll take care of you when you come to Surprise to look at properties: drive you to and from the airport and your hotel, provide you with local maps, recommend restaurants (and even take you out as my guest), and give you a detailed relocation checklist so you don’t miss a beat during this busy time.
  • Whatever it takes, I’ll ensure your transition goes smoothly from start to finish!