Home Staging Tips

Stage your home to sell in the fastest time at the best price! Help buyers fall in love by ensuring your home features:

  • GREAT LIGHTING. Buyers may be viewing your home during all weather conditions and times of day. To literally show your home in the best light, turn on all the lights (even desk lamps) and open all the curtains and blinds.
  • MINIMAL CLUTTER. Removing clutter, such as knickknacks, extra furniture, and those decorative trivets from your Grand Canyon vacation, will make your home look larger and cleaner.
  • WELL-DEFINED SPACES. Group furniture to define living spaces, especially if your home has a great room. This will also emphasize the natural flow of foot traffic through the home.
  • PLEASANT AROMAS. To sell best, your home should appeal to all a buyer’s senses. The last thing you want is for pet or cigarette odors to scare away offers. Try lighting a scented candle or potpourri, or setting out an oil diffuser to freshen things up.
  • A NEAT EXTERIOR. The exterior is the first thing buyers notice about your home, and if that exterior is overgrown or dilapidated, buyers might not even make it inside. So trim the grass, trees, and shrubs, keep your trash cans hidden away, and consider fixing any major cosmetic issues, such as resurfacing a stained or cracked driveway.
  • A NEAT INTERIOR. If you’ve managed to get buyers past your home’s exterior, impress them with a sparkling clean interior! Clean homes get higher offers, so keep those floors swept and those shower doors free of water spots. If you’re able to spring for new carpet and paint, that will also increase your home’s value and ability to sell.
  • A CHANCE FOR BUYERS TO IMAGINE LIVING IN YOUR HOME. It can be tough to buy a home that has someone else’s mark all over it. To help buyers envision living in your home, first hide away your family photos. Then be sure you’re not in the house when buyers come to look (and be sure to take along or stow away your pets). Potential buyers will feel at ease when they can leisurely view your home and imagine themselves living in it.

I also have tried-and-true “secret” staging tips that I can’t reveal online! And strategic staging paired with savvy marketing will net you top selling price. Contact me to discover the unique strategy that will sell your home!